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HRC Membership Fee New & Renewal
HRC Annual membership fee When your renewal date comes up just renew on line by using this product


Introduction to Motorsport Voucher
Taking Expressions of Interest for 2022
 $195.00  -
Motor Cup 100 Year Celebration Ticket
Ticket to NZ Motor Cup 100 Year Celebrations Due to COVID Lockdowns, this event has been postponed for the foreseeable future.
 $50.00  -
Mylaps TR2 Transponder No Annual Licence Fee Direct Power
Life time licence No licence fees Direct Power
 $875.00  -
Mylaps TR2 Transponder No Annual Licence Fee Rechargeable
Buy this transponder, register it once and not pay any fees again. A must for the serious racer uses Blue tooth technology
 $850.00  -
My Laps Transponder TR2 Direct Power 1 Year
Direct power includes 1 Year Subsciption
 $295.00  -
My Laps Transponder TR2 Direct power 2 Year
Direct Power Transponder 2 Year Subscription
 $370.00  -
My Laps Transponder X2 1 year rechargeable
X2 Transponder Rechargeable 1 year Subsciption
 $199.00  -
MyLaps Transponder TR2 Rechargeable 1 year
Has licence included for one year and this can then be updated on the MYLAPS website
 $230.00  -
MyLaps Transponder TR2 Rechargeable 2 year
Rechargeable 2 licence transponder latest technology
 $320.00  -
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