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Terms & Conditions

The Motor Sport Entry site is owned and managed by The HISTORIC RACING CLUB Inc. and provides a service to both competitors and organisers, by processing entries and payments to the listed events.

Payments, refunds and delivery...

All Event Entry Fees are charged by the HISTORIC RACING CLUB Inc., except where a Club has been approved and registered with the Historic Racing Club to promote events, the fees are paid to the specific Club. Clubs registered to promote events and accept entriy fees are listed below.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions, and Contact details, by selecting the Club organising the event.


Note: Before final credit-card checkout, the name (Club) that will appear on your credit-card statement, will be shown again.

For all events not organised by registred clubs, The HISTORIC RACING CLUB Inc. will be accepting the payments.
Event Entry fees can be paid by cheque, direct credit (internet/phone banking) and credit-card.
Payment must be in NZ$ and credit-card transactions will be billed in NZ$

Entry Fees include GST of 15%

Credit-card transactions will be identified on your statement as originating from the The HISTORIC RACING CLUB Inc.

All Entries are subject to confirmation, and if an entry is declined fees will be refunded within 3 days. Entries may be canceled any time prior to the Thursday before the Event with a full refund.

Cancellation requests should be made by email.

Refunds will be made by cheque for payments made by cheque or direct deposit. Payments made by credit-card will be credited back to the card-holders account. No cash refunds will be given.

Tickets and passes will be posted in the week prior to the event.