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Q: This is my first time here, what now?
A: In order to Enter Events, or update your personal and vehicle details, you need to be Registered in our database.
Once registered you can Login with the UserName and Password that has been setup.
-- If you have received an email from us notifying you about this site, and containing your UserName (but no password), then click on "Forgot Password", a new password will be emailed to you within a few minutes.

-- if you have entered events run by the HISTORIC RACING CLUB Inc in the last few years, there is a high probability that you are already setup in the database.
If this is likely please use the Enquiry Form on the ContactUs Page and we will send you your UserName and Password.

-- Otherwise, click on "Register" and you will be able to set yourself up as a Registered user.
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Q: How do I Enter Events?
A: You need to Login before you can Enter Events.
Just click on "Enter Here" for the Event you are interested in.
Most of the Entry form will be filled in automatically using your Personal and Vehicle details.
Please note that as part of the entry process you MUST review these details, and also the event regs. The Entry form has buttons that allow you to do this on-the-fly.
To complete the Entry form you need to specify the class(es) you are entering, and how the entry fees are to be paid.
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Q: What is an Associate?
A: Entry forms require both an Entrant and a Driver. When these are not the same person, the other person is an Associate.
If two, or more, people wish to share a car this can be done by one setting the others up as associates.
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Q: What is the relationship between Associates?
A: An Entrant can see all associated Drivers.
A Driver can see all associated Entrants.
However where a Driver has more than one Entrant, those Entrants can not see each other.
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Q: Do I need to create Associates?
A: No. The Entry form defaults both the Entrant and Driver to being the person signed on. In many cases this is correct so separate Entrant details are not required.
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Q: Can two people share a car?
A: Yes. Set up the first person and the vehicle details. Then from within that person's Details, add the other person via the View Associates button.
Both people will be able to see the car details and enter the car in events.
Note: More than two people can share this way.
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Q: Can more than one member/driver/entrant share the same email address?
A: Yes. You can share an email address, but if you forget your password, or request a new password, all the people with that email address will get new passwords. eg if there are 3 sharing the email address then 3 emails will be sent, one for each user-id.
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